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This is the website of Plumley with Toft and Bexton Parish Council, Knutsford, Cheshire.You are welcome to send your feedback, contributions and suggestions for the website to the Parish Clerk at

At the meeting of the Parish Council on Wednesday the 26th June 2024 the Council approved its annual accounts. As the income is was less than £25,000 for the 2023-24 the accounts were exempt from an external audit. The Chair of the council signed the Certificate of Exemption which is being sent to the External auditors for their records, this can be found here.

Each year we have an internal audit of our accounts which looks into our Governance which is signed by the auditor and the council then approves an Annual Governance Statement and the Accounting Statement which provides a high level breakdown of income and expenditure and balances held in our accounts on the 31st March 2023. All of the above information can be found here

The council agreed that from the 1st of July 2024 through to 9th of August 2024 this will be the period for the Exercise of Public Rights which allows residents from the Parish to contact the clerk to examine any information they require that relate to the accounts of the council. More details about that process can be found here. Please note the clerk will be on annual leave from the 19th July through to the 1st of August 2024

 The latest Parish Council newsletter can be found here